Kazak's Follies

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Kazak's Follies was a group of adventurers who briefly banded together around the time of the Shattering of Orodeth. Their leader and namesake was the dwarven gladiator Kazak Axehaft.



  • Hired to find king's tomb
  • Earthquakes and storms (and occasional heatwaves and gusts)
  • Find the tomb
  • Take the bones, gold, axe
  • Betrayal!
  • Orodeth is shattered
  • Teleport to Northeron, doesn't look good
  • Hired by Leardon and Northron
  • Wind walk, folding boat, into the cultists' lair
  • Bust some cultist heads
  • Bust some more cultist heads
  • How many cultists are there!?
  • Very smart demons guarding a wardrobe and masks
  • Find ooze trying to eat svirfneblin, go downstairs
  • Some more cultists, some fire cultists, an evil altar on an evil ziggurat
  • Sigil of the Elder Elemental Eye (broke the sigil, scattered the bone dust)
  • Ghost shows the way to dwarven hammer
  • Svirfneblin helps find shelter, goes home
  • Further down, cultists
  • Xorn wants gems, gets death
  • Roper beat-down
  • Hook Horror Canyon
  • So many umber hulks
  • Captive dwarf forging armor, explains Ogremoch is free and maybe Olhydra too
  • Go back to Silverstone
  • Get help from Brightstone Heroes
  • Ride a dragon back in
  • Tear up Ogremoch's avatar
  • Rescue Sumac and Drake
  • Fight Olhydra
  • Myra shatters staff of power
  • Long fight, Sumac closes the portal
  • Leardon gets sucked in (but he's a lich)
  • Jib gets a boat
  • Bones are returned, Kazak Kingbearer