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Race Hengeyokai
Gender Female
Character Class Ranger
Status Alive

Kitsu is a fox hengeyokai, though she feels most comfortable in her human form. She grew up in a hengeyokai village in the Spirit Woods of Yung Shai. It was said that the village was created by a god of death, and that those who lived there were charged with forever protecting the balance between life and death. Kitsu learned the secret techniques of her people and guarded the village for many years, until a chance encounter with the Pyramid of Shadows led to her becoming trapped within it.

Though she eventually escaped with the help of the Challengers of the Unspeakable, she discovered that hundreds of years had passed. With no knowledge of whether her village even still existed, she fell back on her training and helped them fight against Orcus, the demon prince of undeath, as well as Tephra and her armies of aberrations. With the balance restored, she decided not to seek out her village, instead traveling to the Feywild with Chrip to serve him in the Winter Court.