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The Winter Witch
Race Eladrin
Gender Female
Lifespan Died 2959
Status Deceased

Koliada, also know as the Winter Witch, is the daughter of the Prince of Frost. Said to be one of the few living individuals he truly cares about, Koliada is vicious and cruel - moreso even than her father, if the stories are to be believed. Her longsword, Rimefang, is crafted from a shard of unmelting black ice rumored to have come from the very heart of the Abyss.

Within the Fortress of Frozen Tears, Koliada keeps a kennel of bloodthirsty winterwolves - including her personal companion, Winterfang. Fueled by an intense desire to freeze the Material Plane into an endless winter, she has made numerous excursions since the Feywild came back into alignment, bringing terrible storms and sowing strife and chaos for a time before returning unscathed to her father's domain before any serious resistance could rise up to stop her.

In the year 2959, the Challengers of the Unspeakable entered the Fortress of Frozen Tears with the intent of slaying the Prince of Frost and seating the sorcerer Chrip upon his throne. Koliada and Winterfang attacked them when they accidentally found their way into the winter wolf kennels, but after a long battle Kayleth Lifesinger charmed her into plunging Rimefang through her own heart.