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Race Wood Elf
Gender Female
Character Class Cleric/Rogue
Status Dead
Alignment Chaotic Neutral


Láfièlthién (Láfièl) was a female wood elf originally from Lorius. She was sent for training to the Del'Braeth chapter house in Drakkengarde. In 2964, near the end of her three year training, she accepted a position on Drake Roxley's team to hunt down a dangerous genasi wizard.

Within a week, the team had lost one of their members. Two nights later, in the very spot that her companion fell, she called on Del'Braeth to accept her into His embrace; and he accepted. It was then that Láfièl fully dedicated herself to the Church.


Láfièl was a flighty and capricious individualist mostly interested in fulfilling her curiosity than what was happening around her; however, when in need, there were times when she would fully commit to the needs of her companions. Overall, though, she was a sore trial to Drake Roxley's patience.