Lanak Iskarr

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Lanak Iskarr
Race Human
Gender Male
Lifespan Born 2896
Status Alive

Stormlord Lanak Iskarr is the current ruler of Varen. The younger brother of Stormlord Rastin Iskarr, he was presumed drowned when his ship went down in a storm in the Dragon Sea. However, he resurfaced during the War of the Five Storms; he had been rescued by a stormsoul genasi named Stormdancer, who had nursed him back to health. Unfortunately, the ordeal had given him amnesia for a time, and it wasn't until he returned to Varen that he remembered who he was. Once his identity was verified, he was installed on the throne and the succession crisis ended. Having become close friends with Stormdancer during his time away, the genasi now serves as his chief adviser.

His first ordeal as Stormlord, however, was to deal with the Duchy of Nord, which had seceded during the war. It would take ten years, but the duchy was ultimately brought back into Varen.

Iskarr appears significantly younger than his age would suggest, leading to a number of rumors that he has somehow become immortal.