Leardon Sunflare

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Leardon Sunflare
Race Human (Lich)
Gender Male
Lifespan Born 2904
Character Class Cleric
Patron Deity Evening Glory
Status Undead
Alignment Unaligned

A member of the Brightstone Heroes, Leardon Sunflare is a devoted cleric of Evening Glory. He is also an accomplished (and somewhat eccentric) alchemist and teaches divine magic at the Trine Academy. He has ascended to lichdom, and helped slay the dracolich Sinianth as part of his preparation for the ritual. He later established the nation of Palmheart and became its king.

He carries a greataxe called Heartache, which he claimed from the orc that they liberated Brightstone Keep from.

He is married to an orc named Gremaka, with whom he has a son - conceived shortly before he became a lich - named Garin.