Marlos Urnrayle

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Marlos Urnrayle
Marlos Urnrayle.jpg
Prophet of the Black Earth
Race Medusa
Gender Male
Lifespan Died 2966
Character Class Fighter
Patron Deity Ogrémoch
Status Deceased
Alignment Neutral Evil

Marlos Unrayle was the leader of the Cult of the Black Earth. He wielded a magic war pick known as Ironfang.

In the year 2966, Marlos succeeded in summoning Ogrémoch into Syra. Several days later, the Brightstone Heroes--accompanied by Flynn Cupsigh, Kazak Axehaft, Keiraleina, Jib, and Countess Honeysuckle Bree--fought their way through the caverns below the ancient dwarven ruins of Belsimar and confronted him. After a long battle he was slain by Kazak, his body turning to mud and collapsing into a murky puddle.