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Race Deity
Gender Male
Status Alive
Alignment Neutral Evil

Memnor is the god of pride, honor, mental prowess, and control. His domains are Death, Knowledge, and Trickery.

Memnor was originally worshiped almost exclusively by cloud giants. As a member of the giants' pantheon, Memnor answered to Annam, the Allfather, but was always resentful of what he saw as a subservient position. When the gods had gone to war with the primordials at the close of the Third Age, Memnor saw an opportunity. He spoke with the dragon queen Tiamat, who already despised the giants due to their war with the dragons, and convinced her that Annam's primordial wife--who had stood aside with her husband rather than join the divine conflict--was just as much an enemy as the rest of the primordials. So strong was Memnor's case that Tiamat was even able to convince her rival, Bahamut, of the need to bring Annam's wife to justice. Memnor stood aside while Annam's wife was killed and Annam himself banished, intending to take his place at the head of the giant pantheon.

Unfortunately for Memnor, Tiamat openly revealed his scheme to the other gods. While Tiamat claimed she had been unknowingly tricked, Memnor believed that she had intentionally betrayed him to improve her own standing in the eyes of the gods. Whatever the truth, Memnor was exiled from his home in Ysgard by the other gods that dwelt there, taking up new residence in Gehenna. Though he still counts a number of cloud giants among his worshipers, his power is greatly diminished from what it once was.