Menagerie of Mayhem

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The Menagerie of Mayhem was a group of adventurers that traveled together into the Feywild. They gathered a large collection of companions in their journey.


  • Brook - Female water genasi cleric.
  • Emle - Female halfling rogue.
  • Kent Justicar - Male human sorcerer.
  • Yrd - Male goblin barbarian.
  • Zin - Female halfling warlock.


  • Arlo - Zin's pseudodragon familiar.
  • Clapperclaw - A scarecrow from the realm of Thither, and their guide into Hither.
  • Madigan - A blink dog from the realm of Hither.
  • Squirt - An animated oil can from Hither. Acted as a guide into Yon.
  • An unnamed awakened frog given to Emle.