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Metallic dragons are one of the two main types of dragons. Like the chromatic dragons, they see the mortal races as lesser creatures. Unlike the chromatic dragons, however, they see mortals not as animals to be used and exploited, but to be protected and guided in the same way a parent might nurture a child. Though largely benevolent, their views do not necessarily align with those they seek to protect; a metallic dragon might still seek to take over a kingdom if it believes the kingdom would genuinely be better off with a draconic ruler. Most metallic dragons worship Bahamut, and seek to emulate his sense of honor and justice. Some have even dedicated themselves to the cause of eradicating evil, and their considerable lifespans and proclivity towards long-term planning significantly increases their chances of succeeding.

Metallic dragon species

Major species

These are the most common species of metallic dragon, and the ones most people think about when the term comes to mind:

Minor species

Though these species of metallic dragon are far less common, they are just as powerful. They should be especially respected, too, as they generally tend to be less friendly and good-natured than the major species.