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Mithrendain is a city in the Feywild that lies east of Brokenstone Vale.

Originally a fortress built to seal off a passage into the Feydark, the city of Mithrendain grew out from the original structure (now known as the Citadel Arcanum). Known as the Autumn City, most of its buildings are painted in shades of yellow, orange, and red, and many are adorned with bronze. It is ruled by a council of seven, who serve for life. When a council member dies, the others select a replacement from among the most deserving citizens, ensuring that their selection also has the approval of the people. Each council member's symbol of office is actually a key to one of the seven arcane seals below the city that power the Mithrendain Barrier blocking access from the Feydark. The Barrier Chamber within the Citadel Arcanum also serves as the council's meeting place.

Mithrendain does not claim allegiance to any of the Fey Courts.