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Moonclaw is a silver longsword, crafted long ago by the eladrin and etched with runes that make it particularly deadly to shapechangers, such as werewolves.

Its wielder, Omaphara, was slain during the War of the Pelt and buried with the blade. When the Challengers of the Unspeakable found Omphara's spirit fifteen years later, she gave them Moonclaw and asked them to stop her husband, Querelian, from restarting the war. After fulfilling her request, they gave Moonclaw to soldiers from the city of Mithrendain.

Moonclaw ended up in the hands of Dresyae, one of the council members, who had long desired the weapon. Claiming it for himself, he freed Querelian from his imprisonment in Mithrendain. After Querelian was turned into a living swarm of aberrant beetles by Tephra, he corrupted Moonclaw with the energies of the Far Realm so that it would be deadly to non-aberrant creatures.

When the Challengers of the Unspeakable defeated Querelian for a second time and slew Dresyae, they gave the Fartouched Moonclaw to the council of Mithrendain to be destroyed.