Mortal Hunter

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The Mortal Hunter was a demonic orc sent by Gruumsh to slay a troublesome band of adventurers. Apart from his demonic wings and claws, he had the ability to graft the flesh from his slain victims onto his own body, enabling him to take their form at will.

After a band of adventurers slew an orc cleric who was trying to destroy the village of Duvik, another orc decided that they needed to be eliminated, lest they cause further trouble. The cleric made an offering of blood to Gruumsh in the Rionwood, and in return the orcish god sent one of his champions, the Mortal Hunter. The heroes interrupted the cleric in the middle of the ritual and slew him, and though the Mortal Hunter was successfully summoned he was disoriented and managed only to kill one of the adventurers who got separated; the rest eluded him. He later caught up with some of them in Silverstone, where he stole a pair of drow longswords they intended to destroy at Corellon's temple before fleeing from the city watch. Later, after Krom and Chizu left the band, he caught Krom alone on the road to Elton, killed him, and skinned him. The rest of the adventurers eventually discovered his body, but reached Elton just in time to see the Mortal Hunter, in Krom's form, stab Chizu through the back and fly away. They eventually caught up to the Mortal Hunter in the ruins north of Elton where, after a pitched battle, he was slain.