Myra Brigg

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Myra Brigg
Race Human
Gender Female
Lifespan 2908 - 2965
Character Class Sorcerer
Patron Deity Bahamut
Status Deceased
Alignment Lawful Good

Myra Brigg is a human sorceress, follower of Bahamut, and wife of Priam Adenis.


After Myra's magical talents came to light, she was taught by the church of Bahamut how to wield her powers safely and properly, so as to avoid becoming a danger to herself or others. She used her powers in the service of the Platinum Dragon for a number of years, until she was called upon to join the Brightstone Heroes in a reprisal against a surprise assault by the drow.

After joining the other adventurers, she quickly took an intense dislike to the younger Priam, whom she saw as immature and undisciplined. He, in turn, believed her to be stuck-up and overly-serious. In time, however, their mutual disdain turned to mutual attraction; after destroying the shard of the negative energy plane being used by the drow at the Undying Temple, she and Priam were given their choice of reward by Corellon Larethian; they elected to be magically altered to the same age so that they could be together.

After they aided their fellow heroes in preventing the return of the dracolich Sinianth, Priam and Myra got married and established the Trine Academy in Silverstone, teaching both arcane magic and psionics to their students.

In 2965, while aiding Kazak's Follies, her fellow Brightstone Heroes, and the surviving members of Drake's Company battle Olhydra, she was engulfed by the wave-like primordial. Realizing her dire straits, she snapped her staff of power in half, unleashing its power in a massive explosion. The explosion completely obliterated her, but unfortunately had little effect on the godlike elemental.

Myra was memorialized in a crypt below Brightstone.


Priam and Myra have four children, all of whom have some level of psionic ability.

  • Son - Dius, 27, sorcerer, married to an eladrin noble of the Summer Court.
  • Daughter - Iliona, 25, wizard/psion. Assistant at the Trine Academy.
  • Son - Orin, 20, receiving druid training in the Feywild.
  • Son - Peric, 17, training as a cleric of Ioun.