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Her Radiance, Mistress of the Sun
Race Deity
Gender Female
Status Alive
Alignment Neutral

Nalindra is a the goddess of fire, magic, sun, and vengeance. Her domains are arcana and light. Though she had a strong following in ancient Estorium, her worship diminished considerably after the Illithid War, and many of her former worshipers turned instead to Pelor. Long worshiped by only a scattered few outside the Pharis Imperium, she rose to prominence once more as a fierce opponent of Nerull following Heironeous's death during the Deity War.

While most other sun deities espouse the warmth and life-giving nature of the sun, Nalindra instead focuses on its eternal heat and fury, urging her followers to unleash its might upon their foes. She advocates the relentless pursuit of one's foes, and teaches that mercy should never be offered if you would expect none from your enemy.

Her symbol is a staff topped with a sunburst.

Channel Divinity

Followers of Nalindra can take the Nalindra's Fury power:

Nalindra's Fury Feat Power
Nalindra exhorts her followers to burn their foes in righteous fire.
Encounter   ✦   Divine, Channel Divinity, Implement, Radiant, Fire
Free Action Personal
Channel Divinity: You can use only one channel divinity power per encounter
Trigger: You deal Fire or Radiant damage
Target: One enemy
Effect: The target also takes 1d6 damage of the same type you dealt.
Level 11: The target takes 2d6 damage.
Level 21: The target takes 3d6 damage.
Special: You must take the Nalindra's Fury feat to use this power.