Neff Willowrush

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Neff Willowrush
Race Halfling
Gender Male
Status Alive

Neff Willowrush is a halfling noble from Inethar in Varen. As head of the Willowrush Shipping Company, Neff was extremely wealthy and enjoyed all the pleasures that his position brought him, as well as societal protections for many of his activities that were not strictly legal. In 2962, a zealous member of the city watch named Drake Roxley exposed that Neff was using his shipping activities as a front for illegally trafficking people. With his part in the operation publicly revealed, Neff was unable to avoid being arrested for the crime and imprisoned.

Three months later Drake's family was murdered, with Neff's personal sigil carved into the corpses. By going after the nobility, however, Drake had earned the ire of the authorities, who launched only the most cursory of investigations and declined to charge Neff for the killings.