Nikki Underbough

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Nikki Underbough
Race Halfling
Gender Female
Lifespan Born 2915
Character Class Rogue
Status Alive
Alignment Lawful Neutral

Nikki Underbough is a Senior Chief Investigator for the city of Silverstone. While her official jurisdiction is limited to the territory of Silverstone, as a Senior Chief Investigator, any of the Free Cities may call on her for aid.


Nikki’s family immigrated from Thess to Silverstone in 2925 when her father was invited into Silverstone’s Artificers Guild as a Journeyman Silversmith. In 2959, she lost her entire family during the Battle of Silverstone.


From 2933 to 2935; unofficially investigated crimes against the Artificers Guild within the city of Silverstone.

2935 to 2939; sent to Thess for training.

2940 to 2959; Journeyman Thief Catcher, traveling wherever the Artificer’s Guild needed her.

2959; fought in the Battle of Silverstone.

2960 to 2965; Miscellaneous investigations for the Brightstone Heroes.

2965 to today; Silverstone City Watch as Senior Chief Investigator.


Nikki Underbough is a secret cover identity for the Duchess Honeysuckle Bree.