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The Laughing Rogue, the Laughing God
Race Deity
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Alignment Chaotic Good

Olidammara was the god of music, rogues, revels, and tricks. His domain is trickery. His symbol is a grinning mask.

Olidammara was one of many gods who initially refused to take part in the Deity War. This ultimately spelled his downfall, though, when Nerull successfully managed to shift the blame for Heironeous's murder onto the Laughing God. His chaotic, trickster nature led many gods to quickly believe his treachery, and he spent much of the war evading their attacks. He was ultimately vindicated when he saved Pelor, whom he had never gotten along with, from an ambush by Nerull. This act came at the cost of his own life, however, as Nerull plunged Lifecutter into Olidammara's back during his retreat.