Order of the Topaz Crusaders

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A topaz crusader battles an aberration from the Far Realm.

The Order of the Topaz Crusaders is an organization dedicated to the defense of Syra against incursions from the Far Realm. With very rare exceptions, all of their members are trained primarily in psionics. While not a secret order, per se, they do operate mostly from seclusion, preferring to seek out those whom they see as potential recruits rather than advertise themselves and openly ask for applicants.

The Order was founded shortly after the fall of Estorium at the close of the Illithid War, by a wizard who survived the devastation. Seeking to prevent such a calamity from ever again befalling the world, he gathered together what individuals he could find with psionic talent and charged them with safeguarding the world against the chaotic forces of the Far Realm.

Known members

  • Naram - Male shardmind. Leader and co-founder.
  • Orantis - Male silver dragon. Though unable to wield psionic power, his dedication to the cause and effectiveness in battle led to his recruitment in spite of that fact. He has been with the Order for nearly three hundred years, and has earned many scars in his numerous battles against aberrations.
  • Eariliad - Male eladrin. Though relatively new to the Order, his charisma led to him being assigned to speaking with potential recruits.
  • Macaebus - Male human psion.