Priam Adenis

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Priam Adenis
Race Human
Gender Male
Lifespan Born 2916
Character Class Psion
Status Alive
Alignment Neutral Good

Priam Adenis was a human boy who grew up in a small village in the mountains north of Silverstone. While digging in the dirt one day, he found a strange crystal. Though he had no idea what it was, he thought it looked neat and decided to keep it. Unbeknownst to him, the crystal was an ancient Estorian artifact created to imbue its holder with psionic ability. This power slowly grew in him, manifesting itself as unexplained phenomena. At the age of 14, Priam's village was attacked by bandits, and his powers manifested themselves fully, if somewhat uncontrollably, killing some of the marauders. Though he was unable to save his village, he was ultimately rescued by a band of adventurers who subsequently tracked and killed the bandits. Realizing that his power could be an asset in their battle against the drow, and in an attempt to help him more capably wield his abilities, they invited him to join them.

He soon fell in love with fellow adventurer Myra Brigg, and when offered any reward he desired by Corellon Larethian she chose for their ages to be magically adjusted so they could be together. The two now run a school for the arcane, as well as those rare few with the psionic gift.

In 2959, when Myra was captured by Theriana, Priam went with Leardon to a frost giant settlement to rescue her. Unfortunately, this proved to be a trap and the pair were captured by the drow and taken to the halls of the fire giant king Snurre. Priam was given over to a drow priestess to be sacrificed to Lolth, but was rescued by Gurrard before she could succeed. Unfortunately, the two were trapped by Theriana in the Pyramid of Shadows almost immediately thereafter. Trying to find their way out, they entered a room containing a small rift into the Far Realm. The rift created a vortex of energy that pulled Priam in and trapped him, feeding off his psionic energy to keep the rift open, until he was rescued by the Challengers of the Unspeakable.


Priam and Myra have four children, all of whom have some level of psionic ability.

  • Son - Dius: Sorcerer. Married to an eladrin noble of the Summer Court.
  • Daughter - Iliona: Wizard/Psion. Took over as head at the Trine Academy.
  • Son - Orin: Druid. Continuing his training in the Feywild.
  • Son - Peric: Cleric. Serving in the church of Ioun.