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Primordials are powerful, elemental beings. Though little direct information is available about them, they are thought to be as old as the gods themselves. Most primordials are thoroughly evil, and have been imprisoned throughout the planes. Were one to escape from its prison, the consequences - especially to the Material Plane - would be devastating. Different primordials are able to exert different amounts of influence from their prisons. Some, such as Hoshotath, are effectively incapacitated. Others, such as Imix, are bound to a single location but awake and able to direct their servants.

Primordials are fundamentally immortal, though it is possible to kill them. Doing so, however, is beyond the ability of most mortals; that they were imprisoned rather than destroyed suggests that even the gods would find it difficult to slay them.

Though the primordials are not gods, they are capable of granting divine spells to their worshipers.

List of known primordials

Name Title' Alignment Resident Plane
Ben-hadar Prince of Water Creatures Unaligned Elemental Plane of Water
Chan Princess of Aerial Creatures Unaligned Elemental Plane of Air
Cryonax Prince of Elemental Ice Neutral Evil Material Plane
Hoshotath The Flaming Sea Chaotic Evil Material Plane
Imix Prince of Elemental Fire Neutral Evil Elemental Plane of Fire


Prince of Elemental Earth Neutral Evil Elemental Plane of Earth
Olhydra Princess of Elemental Water Chaotic Evil Elemental Plane of Water
Sunnis Princess of Earth Creatures Lawful Neutral Elemental Plane of Earth
Yan-C-Bin Prince of Elemental Air Neutral Evil Elemental Plane of Air
Zaaman Rul Prince of Fire Creatures Neutral Good Elemental Plane of Fire