Prov Coren

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Prov Coren
Race Human
Gender Female
Lifespan Born 2901
Character Class Rogue
Status Alive

Prov Coren found herself quite homeless at the earliest point in her remembered times, and in the port city of Stark. She was found and taken in by a founding member of the newly established library there, and allowed to make her way as an organizer and cleaner, and then as an assistant.

However, the library came under some pressure as the surrounding merchant industry expanded, and was in danger of being forced to close their doors to the public. Prov took it upon herself to make sure this doesn't happen. From some digging in city records, and her meager contacts, she made associations with some backers who would invest in a bigger location for the library to relocate to, but their stipulation was that she would need enough writings to fill the library before hand. Obviously enough books, scrolls, and maps to equate what they needed was quite beyond her savings, so she decided to make some money by adventuring.

After her adventuring party retook Brightstone Keep, she elected to stay and manage things there, while sending money from the Brightstone mines back to the library in Stark. Eventually, she decided instead to relocate the library to Brightstone, where information from her former adventuring companions rapidly expanded it.