Pyramid of Shadows

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The Pyramid of Shadows was a terminus prison created to house the tiefling wizard Karavakos, after he attempted to take over Estorium with an army of devils. In his attempts to find a way to escape, Karavakos opened up minor rifts to both the Far Realm and the Plane of Shadow, and possibly other planes. In doing so, he also caused the prison to teleport randomly across the world, occasionally imprisoning random passersby (such as the hengeyokai ranger Kitsu). The Estorian wizard Vyrellis was also imprisoned within the Pyramid of Shadows, though the circumstances surrounding her imprisonment are unknown.

In the year 2959, the wizard Theriana obtained the Pyramid of Shadows and released Vyrellis. She would later go on to imprison several individuals who were a threat to her plans, including Priam, Gurrard, and Ro. Vyrellis would later defect from Theriana, and exhort the Challengers of the Unspeakable to surrender to Theriana in order to become imprisoned, in order to rescue their captured friends and steal the Pyramid of Shadows for Vyrellis from the inside.

The Challengers gathered Kitsu, Priam, Gurrard, and Ro from within the pyramid, and ascended to the top to allow Vyrellis to tap into the pyramid's magic to teleport it away from Theriana and allow them to escape. There they encountered Karavakos, driven mad by his centuries of imprisonment. Though he drew directly upon the pyramid's magic to stop them, it proved beyond his ability to control and destroyed him. Vyrellis then forced everyone out of the pyramid and left with it in hand.

Known Prisoners