Qwynn Cupsigh

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Qwynn Cupsigh
Race Halfling
Gender Female
Lifespan Born 2943
De-aged to 13 in 2965
Character Class Bard
Status Alive

Qwynn Cupsigh is a halfling bard and former leader of the Cult of the Howling Hatred.


Cupsigh is credited with writing numerous novels, short stories, and biographical accounts of those she has crossed paths with. Her writings have spread to many corners of Syra and continue to build a formidable reputation of one of the most successful authors the land has seen in quite some time.

Published Works

  • (29xx) My Favorite Color Is Actually Red: I Am The Black Wizard
  • (29xx) The Best Little Milliner in Varen
  • (29xx) Windvane: A Tale of A Spear
  • (29xx) Qwynn's Adventures, Volume 26: I Was A Teenage Brightstone Hero
  • (29xx) Ru Be Ya: The Most Fascinating Woman Of All The Known Realms
  • (29xx) Drake Roxley: What The Hell Will He Do Now?
  • (29xx) Lich Please: Leardon's Laudable Life