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Rathna was once a city in Estorium. Like most of the rest of the empire, it was devastated during the Illithid War.

In 2959, after Tephra opened a portal to the Far Realm in the Temple of the Mind's Eye in Derenath, the Brightstone Heroes made a push to claim the ruins of Rathna as a staging ground against the aberrations. Though the city was initially overrun with foulspawn and undead, when the Challengers of the Unspeakable destroyed the corrupted, undead paladin Gryff, the goddess Nalindra interceded to claim his soul from Orcus, vaporizing all of the undead and foulspawn within the ruins.

Many of the soldiers present during the battle immediately converted to Nalindra's worship, building a temple dedicated to her with a shrine to Gryff.