Red dragon

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Red dragon.jpg

Red dragons are a type of chromatic dragon. They have a pair of long pointed horns extending straight back from their skulls, and small frills sweeping down from their cheeks.

Red dragons live in mountainous caves, particularly volcanic ones, but will inhabit any location where they can survey their domain from a high perch. This often brings them into conflict with silver dragons, against whom they waste no time unleashing their fiery breath. While all dragons covet treasure, none can match the sheer greed and avarice of the red dragons. Red dragons are also extremely vain and arrogant, believing themselves to be the pinnacle of dragonkind. Though they will generally attack any mortal foolish enough to trespass on their territory, they are sometimes willing to spare their lives in exchange for either treasure or information. Few mortals are foolish enough to enter into long-term arrangements with red dragons, however, as their taste for flesh - especially young humans and elves - is well-documented.