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Race Cave bear
Gender Female
Status Alive
Alignment Neutral

Sasha is an awakened cave bear, and the companion of the genasi druid Dawn Breeze. Around three of her legs are bands of gold fabric with amber and ivory clasps in the shape of a bear.

Originally the pet of a hill giant chieftain's mate, she was mentally dominated by Dawn Breeze during the infiltration of the giants' stronghold by Garland's Garrotes. Dawn Breeze did her best to demonstrate her affection for the bear, until the chieftain's mate--enraged at the theft of her pet--hurled an entire roasted goat at the druid, breaking her concentration. Though Sasha initially tried to eat the druid along with the goat, the genasi was soon able to calm her down and encourage her to follow willingly. Once the giants were dead, Dawn Breeze cast a spell to awaken Sasha, granting her both intelligence and a voice. Sasha continued traveling with Garland's Garrotes as Dawn Breeze's companion.