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Race Red/gold dragon (dracolich)
Gender Male
Lifespan 1715-2096
Destroyed 2931
Status Deceased
Alignment Evil

Sinianth was powerful dragon, bred from an gold female whom a red male had forced himself upon. His mother died shortly after the clutch was laid, and his egg was the only one to hatch. Despite his chromatic heritage, the other metallic dragons at the Platinum Citadel decided to raise him according to the teachings of Bahamut.

As the years turned to decades, and the decades turned to centuries, Sinianth grew, and seemed to take to Bahamut's teachings quite well. Tragically, it would not last. In time he came to feel that Bahamut was not properly serving his followers. He began studying arcane tomes in search of knowledge, secluding himself for weeks at a time. As the years passed, he spent more and more time practicing his magical abilities, until one day he departed the Platinum Citadel. He felt that the other dragons were not making proper use of their power, and that he would not achieve anything living with "cowardly fools."

A hundred more years passed, and the other dragons had all but forgotten about Sinianth, when some of their number began to disappear. They would go out for one reason or another, and then never return. They investigated, and discovered that Sinianth's lust for power had consumed him utterly. Delving deep into ancient secrets, he discovered a long-forgotten dark ritual that saw him transformed into a dracolich. Metallic and chromatic dragons alike assaulted the castle he had taken as his lair, and when at last he was slain they razed the castle, incinerated its contents, destroyed his stockpile of draconic bodies, and collapsed the caverns below. Though his phylactery was not found, they felt confident that it was at least lost beyond reach of any who might wish to resurrect him, and without a suitable body to inhabit his soul would be trapped inside it forever, unable to manifest again. They were wrong.

Approximately eight-hundred years after his defeat, a group of ambitious kobolds finally discovered his phylactery. They recovered the body of a slain aspect of Bahamut and brought it into their lair to begin Sinianth's resurrection. Before he could fully manifest, however, the Brightstone Heroes discovered their hiding spot, slew the kobolds, and destroyed his new body. Leardon found his phylactery - holy symbols of Bahamut and Tiamat that had been fused together by dragonfire and adorned with dragon teeth - and shattered it with his axe, destroying Sinianth's spirit. Leardon later used its fragments in the ceremony that saw his own ascension into lichdom.