Sir Malagant

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Sir Malagant
Race Human
Gender Male
Character Class Paladin
Patron Deity Wee Jas
Status Deceased

Sir Malagant was a paladin of Wee Jas. A hundred years ago, he found a great battle against an evil general known as the Sleeper. In the end, the two slew each other, and the Sleeper's army was defeated. Sir Malagant's body was carried to a nearby temple, where an exarch of Wee Jas appeared and instructed the priests to consecrate Sir Malagant's remains in a special ritual at a particular place on a particular date a hundred years hence.

Sir Malagant's body lay in the temple's crypts for a hundred years. Though the temple had been rededicated to the Raven Queen due to Wee Jas's death, the priesthood still honored the exarch's request and exhumed the body for the ritual. While traveling to the appointed place, however, they were set upon by cultists seeking to resurrect the Sleeper, and Sir Malagant's body was stolen.

The priestesses called upon the Challengers of the Unspeakable to retrieve his body, which had been taken to the Sleeper's Tomb. After slaying the cultists and preventing Sir Malagant's bones from being used in a ritual to reawaken the Sleeper, they returned his remains to the priestesses, who conducted their own ritual. Sir Malagant's spirit manifested above his body, pledged his eternal service to Wee Jas, and then lanced up into the night sky.