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Race Fire giant (death knight)
Gender Male
Lifespan Destroyed 2966
Status Deceased
Alignment Evil

Snurre was once the king of the Asar clan of fire giants. From within his halls deep within the Thundering Mountains between Orodeth and the Dragon Lands, he sent his people out on brutal raids against nearby villages. None who rode out to slay him ever returned, and in time he earned the nickname "Scourge of the North."

In the year 2959, he was approached by the sorceress Theriana regarding an alliance with the drow city of Phaervorul that lay beneath his halls. Recognizing the advantages that such an alliance could bring, he readily accepted. With an army of drow at his side, Snurre thought himself invincible...

...Until the Brightstone Heroes arrived.

After Tol Sigurn and Gurrard Snevilin went into the Halls of Asar to rescue their friend, Priam Adenis, and never returned, Leardon Sunflare took it upon himself to rescue them in turn. Raising a small army of undead, Leardon entered the Halls just as Tol was sneaking out, and teamed up with the ranger to find the others. Upon entering the throne room, Tol easily slew Snurre with his blades, after which Leardon raised the former king as an undead servant. Snurre later accompanied his new master to Estorium to fight against Tephra's forces, before being sent back to the Halls of Asar to reclaim his throne.

Under Leardon's command, Snurre ruled the Halls of Asar quietly for several years. After the Shattering of Orodeth, Leardon ordered Snurre to lead a group of fire giants into the ruined continent to aid survivors. En route, a flight of silver dragons from the Platinum Citadel spotted them and, assuming that the group of fire giants and their undead king had evil intent, destroyed Snurre and slew his companions.

Snurre's remains were eventually retrieved by the drow Eclavdra, who raised him into undeath once more--this time as a skeletal death knight. His hatred of Leardon and the Brightstone Heroes still blazed from his time as Leardon's slave, and he gladly retook his throne and pledged his people to her service in a war against the smallfolk. He was ultimately destroyed once more by the storm giant Grimhildr of Garland's Garrotes, though with his final words he warned of the coming of Kiaransalee.