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The Stormcrows were a group of mercenaries led by an elf named Elomir who operated primarily in the eastern parts of the Free Cities. In the year 2959, they were hired by Tephra to find and retrieve the Tear of Boccob. They were unaware that it had become highly corrupted by the Far Realm, however, and when they found it its corrupting power warped their minds and mutated their bodies; in their maddened state, they forgot their original mission and instead began to worship the artifact.

When the Challengers of the Unspeakable assaulted the tower containing the Tear in order to retrieve it themselves, the Stormcrows fought viciously against those who had come to steal their new god. Only one of the Stormcrows survived: a human woman named Denva. Horrified at what the Tear was doing to them, she fought against its power and largely managed to resist its effects. The Challengers rescued her and brought her back to the town of Wellspring for treatment.