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The Feywild is a Transitive Plane that overlaps with and is parallel to the Material Plane.


It was one of the original Transitive Planes, along with the Ethereal Plane and the Plane of Shadow, and the plane of origin of many fey species, including gnomes. Three thousand years ago, when Lolth and the drow were warring against Corellon, a large number of elves hid themselves in the Feywild in order to escape the chaos. For reasons that have long since been forgotten, the Feywild became disjoined from the material plane and all connection between the two was severed, trapping all of its inhabitants.

Recently, due to the chaos of the Deity War, the Feywild began to reconverge with the material plane. The first signs of this were subtle, and consisted mostly of an increase in fey activity. One of the other signs was that the gnomes began to experience an odd sensation in the back of their minds. Though they did not know it at the time, this was due to the renewed proximity of the Feywild causing their fey ancestry to begin to assert itself. Eventually, this feeling led Gurrard and two of his former adventuring partners, Myra Brigg and Priam Adenis, to investigate. Their investigation led directly to the rediscovery of the Feywild and the beginnings of diplomatic relations with many of its inhabitants.

One of the most notable things that came from the reconnection of the Feywild was the rediscovery of the elves who had been trapped there. Their time in the Feywild had caused their descendants to evolve beyond their elven heritage into the eladrin.

Fey Courts

Most residents of the Feywild hold allegiance to one of the various Fey Courts. Each Fey Court is led by one of the archfey. Though most Fey Courts do not have rigidly defined territories, there is nevertheless a web of complicated political relationships between them. Most of the Fey Courts send representatives to an annual, neutral gathering known as the Court of Stars, at which they spend most of their time scheming and vying for favor with each other.

The Summer Court

The fey of the Summer Court are led by Tiandra, the Summer Queen, who rules from the palace of Senaliesse. The Summer Court looks most favorably upon mortals, especially bards and storytellers. Priam and Myra's son, Dius, is married to a noble of the Summer Court.

The Wild Court

The green fey of the Wild Court are led by Lord Oran, the Green Lord. They are dedicated to the preservation of nature; many treants and dryads belong to the Wild Court. They do not usually approve of mortals, although some druids and shamans have managed to win their acceptance.

The Winter Court

Formerly led by the cruel Prince of Frost, the winter fey's relationship with the other courts ranged from indifferent to openly hostile. The Prince of Frost despised mortals, and wished to freeze the Material Plane into an endless winter. Recently, the Prince of Frost was slain by kercpa Chrip, who inherited his archfey powers and styled himself the Emperor of Winter. His first actions have been to thaw the once icy relations with the Summer Court.

The Court of Coral

The Sea Lords of the Court of Coral are led by the siblings Elias and Siobahn Alastai. Claiming all the major waters of the Feywild as their desmenes, they are jovial and slow to anger - for which the other courts are very grateful, as they have been known to drown entire lands in their fury. They are relatively indifferent with regards to mortals, but give respect to sailors and other seamen.

The Gloaming Court

The Gloaming Court is the most enigmatic of the Fey Courts. Led by the gentlemanly Prince of Hearts, the gloaming fey are dedicated to Sehanine Moonbow. Though they hate lycanthropes, they give little thought to other mortals, save those who also worship the Goddess of Moonlight.

The Night Court

The Night Court was formed in the weeks following the demise of the Prince of Frost, as those still loyal to him and his goals banded together to oppose the new ruler of the Winter Court. They are led not by an archfey, but by the Prince of Frost's former advisers.

The Unseelie Court

Despite the name, the Unseelie, or dark fey, are not actually a true court. The dark fey are made up primarily of the denizens of the Feydark and their allies - fomorians, cyclopes, and quicklings to name a few. The malicious dark fey revel in chaos and bloodshed, and have long been at war with their surface-dwelling cousins. In fact, in the long history of the Feywild, the only times that all of the courts have found enough common ground to ally with each other have been when fighting against the dark fey.