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Terastra was once one of the largest cities in Estorium. Like most of the rest of the empire, it was devastated during the Illithid War.

In 2959, after Tephra opened a portal to the Far Realm in the Temple of the Mind's Eye in Derenath, the Brightstone Heroes reclaimed the ruins of Terastra to use as their primary base of operations against the aberrations. Many of the buildings were rebuilt, and an earthen wall was magically raised to surround their encampment.

After the war, Leardon made the rebuilt Terastra the capital of Palmheart. Since then, it has been rebuilt into a slowly burgeoning city. It is said to be expanding not just on the surface, but underground as well. Most of Palmheart’s undead live in Terastra. The architectural style is Venetian Gothic.

Leardon's seat of power is a small palace, with two floors on three acres. It does not appear much more lavishly decorated than the rest of the city, as Leardon has no desire to flaunt his wealth and considers excessive opulence to be more in line with sun worshipers. The palace serves primarily municipal functions, featuring relatively simple living quarters for Leardon and his son.