Sutler Expedition

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The Sutler Expedition was an expedition into the jungles of Palmheart. It was led by Wyncit Sutler, who sought to explore the vast unmapped swathes of territory and learn more about the ancient Estorian empire--and its predecessors--that once populated the land.


  • Brecca Greenstone - Female human paladin of Del'braeth. Found wandering the jungle after being separated from her previous companions.
  • Makai - Male tortle cleric of Melora. Joined the expedition after being rescued from Camp Vengeance.
  • Nilos Farfoot - Male halfling sorcerer. Devoured by crocodiles less than a week into the journey.
  • Tony Child - Male human bard. A skilled chef seeking new culinary experiences.
  • Wyncit Sutler - Male human bard/rogue. A student of history from Cimmer and expedition leader.
  • Zazoo - Female gnome ranger.


  • Day 1, 13th of Gedranh: Arrived in Port Norion
  • Day 5, 17th of Gedranh: Departed Port Norion by canoe
  • Day 12, 24th of Gedranh: Investigate Camp Rightous. Nilos is eaten.
  • Day 15, 27th of Gedranh: Camp Vengeance
  • Day 18, 30th of Gedranh: Find survivors of a prior expedition. Sent back to Camp Vengeance with their boats.
  • Day 20, 2nd of Adiraan: Camped out after goblin attack.
  • Day 21, 3rd of Adiraan: Encounter with Zopchick lizardfolk
  • Day 22, 4th of Adiraan: Many attacks by Akabkan lizardfolk
  • Day 23, 6th of Adirnaan: Meet Brecca, Firefinger that night
  • Day 35, 17th of Adirnaan: Arrive in Sunheart
  • Day 41, 23rd of Adirnaan: Arrive in Terastra