Wood's End

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A chair From the Wood's End Tavern

Located in Brightstone, a leafy tree carved and painted on the wooden sign hanging over the door of the wattle and daub two story building lets visitors know they have found the Wood's End Tavern. The grounds are well cared for with a small flower bed running along the outer walls, out of reach of horses tied to the hitching posts. A stable that opens onto the road sits off to the side and can accommodate six horses. Around back is a small wood-working shop that was built into the main building.

Inside, the common room is clean and bright during the day. The dark hardwood floors are always well-swept and the tables and chairs are pieced together from skinned and varnished branches, while large cross-section slices of tree trunks were used to construct the round table tops. The pillars that support the plaster wall sections are also skinned and varnished trees and the curling branches that rise from the trunks to the roof give one the impression that they are sitting a midst a forest instead of in a cozy room. At night candles sit in the boughs and provide extra light as well as atmosphere. A large stone hearth sits to one end, opposite the bar, and mirrors framed to look like windows hang on the wall opposite the outside wall to help distribute more light. The main bar is one long and thick plank that retains its natural edges and has been buffed and waxed to a warm glow. Behind it, a myriad of bottles and casks line the wall, including an old wanted poster for a dwarf with a forked beard. Above the bottles and barrels, on a decorative rack, sits a pair of gleaming bastard swords that belong to the tavern's owner, Tol Sigurn, a blue-eyed human with blond hair silvered from age. A cheerful, red haired woman who is just beginning to plump serves the tables under his caring gaze. The top floor houses the personal rooms of the tavern's owner and his wife.

In the evenings, the Wood's End is filled with locals as well as young adventurers. The dwarf Balon Stonehelm, captain of the guard of Brightstone, sits by the fire and regales all who wish to hear with fantastical tales of adventure and daring. The regulars have noted that the tales seem to become more and more amazing with every passing year.