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Lord of the Frost Giants
Race Deity
Gender Male
Status Alive
Alignment Chaotic Evil

Thrym is the god of frost giants and war. His domain is war.

As a member of the giants' pantheon, Thrym answered to Annam, the Allfather. At the close of the Third Age, Tiamat (at the urging of Memnor) convinced the other deities turned against Annam's wife, who was a primordial. Feeling caught between their leader and their fellow deities, Thrym - along with Aegir, Stronmaus, and Surtr - chose to stand aside. When Annam's wife was killed, and Annam himself banished, the giants felt betrayed by their inaction and turned against their gods. Seething with betrayal, Thrym sequestered himself in his fortress in Ysgard. From his frozen citadel, he commanded what few frost giant worshipers he had - as well as a variety of evil cold creatures who came to follow him - to make ceaseless war on all other races.

During the Deity War, Stronmaus convinced Surtr and Thrym to join him in exacting vengeance on Tiamat for her part in Annam's downfall. Together, the three gods and their servants traveled to Tytherion and assaulted Tiamat's citadel. The battle raged for days, and while countless of Tiamat's draconic and angelic servants were killed, the Dragon Queen herself proved too powerful. Surtr and Thrym were forced to flee, while Tiamat herself devoured Stronmaus.