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Syra's current calendar was created following the Elf Wars. It consists of twelve months, each named for a great hero who fell during the war. Each week has eight days, named for eight of the gods. The months are thirty days long, and sync up with Omiel's lunar cycle. The full moon is on the first of each month, and the new moon is on the sixteenth.

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21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28
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7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
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23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

The days of the week are Corlsday, Yonday, Ehloday, Korsday, Pelsday, Cobsday, Moraday, and Bahamusday.

The months of the year are Adinar, Sebina, Acteus, Oberth, Hegasat, Tarliel, Nachtur, Urnaor, Esilcar, Leroit, Gedranh, and Adirnaan.

Spring begins on the 16th of Sebina, Summer on the 16th of Hegast, Autumn on the 16th of Urnaor, and Winter on the 16th of Gedranh.


A rough timeline of important events. For a broad historical overview, see History.

Year -15

  • Lolth corrupts the first elves into drow. This is generally considered to be the beginning of the Elf Wars.

Year -3

Year 0

Year 302

Year 1367

  • The last of the southern city-states are conquered by the Empire of Estorium.

Year 1444

  • Orcus drives Yeenoghu out of the White Kingdom, restoring the layer to his exarch, Doresain.

Year 1580

Year 1632

  • Boccob grants a crystalline artifact to the priests at the Temple of the Mind's Eye in Derenath. An order of priests known as the Kaorti is created to study it and learn its secrets. Calling it the Tear of Boccob, their research leads to many wonderful discoveries, ushering in an age of magical prosperity of Estorium.

Year 1842

  • After years of battling giants and their monstrous allies, King Torvald Flameforge is slain in battle; Belsimar falls shortly thereafter. The cities of Northeron and Drakkengarde are spared destruction by being at the extreme fringes of the kingdom, and become isolated city-states.

Year 2068

  • The tiefling wizard Karavakos kidnaps the Estorian princess Vyrellis, forcing her to marry him.
  • Karavaoks, with Vyrellis's unwilling assistance, summons an army of devils and begins his conquest of Estorium.

Year 2069

Year 2089

Year 2096

  • The dragon Sinianth becomes a dracolich. He is destroyed by a combined force of metallic and chromatic dragons, but his phylactery is never found.

Year 2101

  • Harg Dragonslayer is slain in battle with the red dragon Vaerothrax. His followers found a kingdom within the territory he claimed from the dragons, naming it Hargram in his honor.

Year 2145

  • Kask rebels against the other Estorian mages at The Ziggurat, but is killed in the process.

Year 2193

  • The illithids launch a surprise attack against Estorium's capital of Derenath from the Underdark, beginning the Illithid War.

Year 2196

  • Under the leadership of Voran, the Estorian mages create the shardminds to use as a weapon against the illithids.

Year 2197

  • The Estorians finally defeat the illithids, driving the survivors deep into the Underdark. Most of the surviving Estorians leave Estorium, which has been utterly devastated by the war. The shardminds are placed in a state of magical hibernation.
  • Voran leads a group of survivors to the edge of the Dawning Woods, where they establish a settlement.
  • Another group of survivors, led by the Kaorti, establish the village of Wellspring. Having taken the Tear of Boccob with them from Estorium, they head into the mountains and construct a tower to hide the Tear in case the illithids return. Contact with the tower dwindles over the years and ultimately ceases, and the Tear's hiding place is lost.

Year 2199

  • The last prince of Estorium, now king with the death of the rest of his line, establishes the kingdom of Tromanyth. The capital is just east of the Serpentcoil Mountains.

Year 2200

  • Voran creates a series of artifacts designed to grant psionic powers to mankind to arm them against the inevitable return of the illithids.

Year 2203

  • Voran's settlement is destroyed by illithids. Voran is taken captive, tortured, and ultimately killed.

Year 2261

  • A human warrior named Martense Iskarr leads an assault on the storm giant fortress of Utvarde, eradicating the giant clan. Martense crowns himself king, taking the title of Stormlord, and declares the entire peninsula of Varen to be his kingdom.

Year 2271

  • Martense Iskarr weds Princess Carenitha of Tromanyth.

Year 2279

Three storm giants strike at Martense and his family in vengeance for their slain brethren. His wife and one of his twin sons are killed in the attack.

Year 2288

  • A group of adventurers from Varen known as the Champions of the Dawn arrives in Drakkengarde and announces their intention to reclaim Belsimar.

Year 2291

  • The Champions of the Dawn drive the giants from what was once Belsimar, founding a new nation known as Orodeth - named after their fallen companion. Northeron and Drakkengarde are brought under their rule.

Year 2292

  • Finding themselves unwilling to share power, the Champions of the Dawn each construct separate keeps and fight for control of Orodeth. The War of the Dawn begins.

Year 2295

  • Nobles and merchants from Northeron and Drakkengarde take it upon themselves to keep their new country running smoothly in the absence of any real leadership, forming the Mercantile Alliance.

Year 2299

Year 2307

  • Borak Forgefist is killed by Meerain's gryphon riders.

Year 2318

  • During a battle between Meerain and Keldan, a magical whirlwind goes out of control and results in the deaths of both, ending the War of the Dawn. The Mercantile Alliance officially takes control of Orodeth.

Year 2319

  • Brothers Samuel and Rennard Carras rebuild the Thundering Hall as a fortified monastery dedicated to Heironeous and begin training knights.

Year 2343

  • An orc chieftain named Garg Red-Eye unites the scattered orc clans around Orodeth, beginning the First Orc War.

Year 2344

  • Rennard Carras kills Garg Red-Eye, ending the First Orc War.
  • Rennard dies from wounds inflicted by Garg.

Year 2349

  • Shailiang conquers Kuzutoro. The Mandarin names the new, combined nation Yung Shai.
  • Kazutoro's former capital of Hashizawa is destroyed, becoming a cursed, haunted ruin.

Year 2580

  • Jalto, Son of Duke Elias of Hargram, kills another duke’s son in self defense. His family pays the legal Bloodguilt, but Jalto is banished for ten years. Jalto flees to Northeron and hires out as a mercenary guard.

Year 2583

  • While in Drakkengard, Jalto of Hargram is approached by Gram Brokenaxe, an escaped slave from the Dragon Lands, to help him form an army to finally free the Dragon Lands from the dragon tyrants.

Year 2585

  • After a successful job for a high ranking member of the Drakkengard Council, Jalto of Hargram and Gram Brokenaxe gain the financial backing of the Mercantile Alliance to support the overthrow of the dragon tyrants. They hire a small band of mercenaries and adventurers and start their campaign by a series of hit and run raids into the Dragon Lands. Each location is ruled by a different dragon tyrant leaving evidence that the attack was conducted by a competing tyrant.

Year 2588

  • After years of internal strife produced by Jalto and Gram, the Dragon Lands erupt into civil war.

Year 2589

  • Jalto of Hargram and Gram Brokenaxe form an army of 1,500 ex-slaves, mercenaries and adventurers.

Year 2590

  • Jalto of Hargum and Gram Brokenaxe split their army into two, and using tactics used previously, they take their army into the Dragon Lands to sow more descent.

Year 2594

  • Tired with hit and run tactics, Jalto of Hargum attacks the red dragon Ignus directly. Jalto is killed by the red dragon Ignus and Jalto’s army is wiped out by the dragon’s troops.

Year 2595

  • An unknown assassin infiltrates the red dragon Ignus's lair and assassinates him while he sleeps, taking his entire treasure horde. The dragon tyrants finally end their civil war and unite under a single leader, the black dragon Zuummisu the Elder. Their army is commanded by the death knight, Mandelus.
  • Zuummisu the Elder orders sporadic dragon raids across Syra in retaliation for outside influence in their internal politics. Due to the increase raiding by the dragon tyrants, the churches of Bahamut, Heironeous and St Cuthbert; and the governments of Hargum and Mercantile Alliance; agree to assist Gram Brokenaxe in freeing the Dragon Lands.

Year 2596

  • Two more dragon tyrants are assassinated and their treasure hordes taken.
  • Zuummisu and Mandelus, start consolidating the lands of assassinated dragons under his command.

Year 2597

  • Three more dragon tyrants are assassinated and their treasure horde taken. Zuummisu's army grows with the remnants of the dead dragons' troops.

Year 2600

  • Zuummisu and Madelus, take all the Dragon Lands under her command.
  • Zuummisu the Elder invades Orodeth in pursuit of Gram Brokenaxe.

Year 2601

  • Zuummisu's rule over the Dragon Lands is shattered when two more dragon tyrants are assassinated. Believing it is Zuummisu herself that is assassinating dragons, the remaining tyrants withdraw their armies to protect themselves.
  • Zuummisu's army is stopped 50 miles from Drakkengard.
  • Gram Brokenaxe, with troops and magical reinforcements from Hargum, Orodeth, Yung Shai, and various churches, launches a two pronged invasion of the Dragon Lands from the north through the Wyrmwaste, and the south from Drakkengard.

Year 2604

  • The armies of Gram Brokenaxe unite at the Plain of Nabuchuu where Zuumisu's army awaits. The battle ends on the fifth day when Gram and Madelusdefeats Madelus in battle. Zuummisu flees while her army breaks and is routed.
  • The death knight Madelus is revealed to be Jalto of Hargum. His spirit is released and his body is sent home to Hargum for burial.
  • Yang Shai elementalists create The Springs of Ben-Hadar to bring water to Gram's armies as they recover.
  • Except for Zuummisu the Elder, the surviving dragon tyrants renounce their rule and either confine themselves to their lairs or flee to parts unknown.

Year 2605

  • Gram Brokenaxe declares the Dragon Lands a free country. He refuses to take the title of King in the belief that the Dragon Lands have suffered enough under absolute rulers. Without a leader, the population of the Dragon Lands reverts to tribalism and starts raiding each other for food, slaves and wealth.
  • The Plain of Nabuchuu is renamed the Battledowns.
  • Three of the dragon tyrants take over the island of Penator.

Year 2613

  • Zuummisu the Elder is slain by unknown assailants, definitively ending the dragon tyrants' rule.

Year 2615

  • The dragon lords of Penator are slain, though the island is left devastated in their wake.

Year 2672

  • Silverstone is founded as part of a trade alliance between Tromanyth and the dwarven city of Feldran in the Iron Crags.

Year 2685

  • Prince Latham of Tromanyth casts a spell that converts everyone in his castle into undead under his control. With his new army, he immediately sets about massacring his kingdom's citizens and raising them as undead, seeking to create an immortal kingdom of undeath in the name of Vecna.
  • Clerics and paladins of Pelor from Edras join forces with dwarven soldiers from Feldran, and everyone in Tromanyth willing and able to fight against their prince.
  • Feldran is overrun by undead, though Silverstone manages to hold them off.
  • Prince Latham is slain before he can complete the ritual that will make him a lich, ending both his war and his bloodline.

Year 2686

  • With no king to rule them, the surviving towns and cities of Tromanyth declare their autonomy, calling themselves the Free Cities.
  • Silverstone becomes the unofficial capital of the Free Cities, and expands considerably.
  • Edras receives a massive influx of citizens wishing to convert to the worship of Pelor, and grows significantly.

Year 2851

  • Stormlord Darius Iskarr ascends to the throne of Varen. He immediately orders the construction of a wall at the border of his kingdom and the Free Cities.

Year 2913

  • Stormlord Rastin Iskarr ascends to the throne of Varen. En route to the coronation, his younger brother Lanak's ship is sunk by a storm on the Dragon Sea.

Year 2918

  • Stormlord Rastin dies childless. The resulting succession crisis turns violent as several contenders begin fighting each other over the throne, beginning the War of the Five Storms.
  • In the midst of the civil war, the Duchy of Nord secedes.

Year 2920

  • The War of the Five Storms ends when Lanak is discovered alive and subsequently ascends to the throne of Varen.
  • With Varen still recovering from the succession crisis, Stormlord Lanak declares war on the Duchy of Nord, which still maintains its independence.

Year 2926

Year 2929

  • The Brightstone Heroes begin adventuring together.
  • The town of Rion is destroyed by a band of kobolds.
  • The Brightstone Heroes retake Brightstone Keep from a band of orcs and begin rebuilding it.
  • The first two seals on Doth'Mordun are destroyed. The Brightstone Heroes are sent to Winter's Gate, but are waylaid by a redirected teleportation spell.

Year 2930

  • After a devastating hurricane ravages their capitol, the Duchy of Nord surrenders and is reclaimed by Varen.
  • Lolth grants a portion of her divinity to Kiaransalee, making her a goddess.
  • Kiaransalee pulls a fragment of the Negative Energy Plane into Doth'Mordun, constructing the Undying Temple around it.
  • Tarth Moordra is destroyed by Valthian and the Cult of the Spider.
  • Faust becomes a vampire. The clerics of the Temple of the Warm Embrace resurrect the Tarth Moordra warmages to defend Winter's Gate.
  • Kiaransalee uses the Undying Temple to planeshift several pieces of terrain out of Doth'Mordun into the rest of the world, creating stable portals and allowing some of the drow to escape.
  • Priam's village is destroyed by bandits, but he is rescued by the Brightstone Heroes.
  • Theriana leads the Cult of the Spider in an assault on Winter's Gate, but they are repelled.
  • The Brightstone Heroes enter Doth'Mordun and destroy the fragment of the Negative Energy Plane, closing the portals.
  • Boccob and Corellon strengthen the remaining seals on Doth'Mordun.

Year 2931

  • Sinianth's phylactery is located, but the Brightstone Heroes destroy it before he can fully regenerate.
  • Leardon Sunflare becomes a lich.
  • Priam Adenis marries Myra Brigg.

Year 2932

Year 2933

Year 2934

  • Hextor and Heironeous face each other in single combat. Heironeous kills Hextor, but is ambushed and slain by Nerull.

Year 2935

  • Afflux is destroyed, apparently by Vecna.
  • Hlal and Bahamut lead a joint attack on Nerull, but are defeated. Though Bahamut escapes, Hlal and her exarchs are slain.

Year 2936

  • The Negative Energy Plane drains into the Plane of Shadow through the hole left by the destruction of the planar fragment in Doth'Mordun. The two planes merge, creating the Shadowfell.
  • The four elemental planes collapse into the Elemental Chaos. The Positive Energy Plane becomes lost.

Year 2937

  • Wee Jas and Boccob sacrifice themselves to destroy Nerull. The Deity War ends.

Year 2938

  • The mysterious Raven Queen appears, and many of Wee Jas's former followers begin worshiping her. Most of Wee Jas's temples are reconsecrated to the Raven Queen.
  • The Feywild realigns with the Material Plane. Priam, Myra, and Gurrard Snevilin act as ambassadors to the eladrin nations.
  • The town of Brightstone begins to form around Brightstone Keep.

Year 2939

Year 2944

  • Tired of the bloodshed, the Court of Stars sues for peace and allows the werewolves to settle in Brokenstone Vale.

Year 2955

  • The shardminds begin to reawaken.

Year 2959

  • The Challengers of the Unspeakable begin adventuring together.
  • Tephra opens a portal to the Far Realm in Estorium.
  • Boccob seals the portal by binding its energies to the Tear of Boccob, but is defeated by Tephra.
  • The Brightstone Heroes begin establish a base in the ruins of the Estorian city of Terastra to strike against the aberrations.
  • The eladrin Querelian attempts to restart the War of the Pelt by playing the werewolves and the city of Mithrendain against each other, but is thwarted by the intervention of the Challengers of the Unspeakable.
  • Tephra hires the Stormcrow mercenaries are to locate the Tear of Boccob. Though successful, they find that the Tear has been corrupted by the Far Realm and are mutated into aberrations. It passes through several hands before ultimately coming into Tephra's possession.
  • Tephra strikes a bargain with the demon lord Orcus, promising him the scythe of Nerull in exchange for his aid.
  • The Challengers of the Unspeakable track the Tear to the Fortress at World's End, where Tephra is using it to unseal the Far Realm portal in Estorium.
  • Kalth destroys the Tear of Boccob by throwing it into an open portal to the Far Realm, but Gryff is sucked into it and lost.
  • The Battle of Silverstone - The city is saved by the Challengers of the Unspeakable. Boccob, who had been corrupted by the Far Realm, is killed.
  • Ro is imprisoned in the Pyramid of Shadows.
  • Harthur reclaims the sword Nightbringer from the vampire lord Zirithian.
  • Kask returns as a larva mage.
  • Kayleth obtains a demiplane from the silver dragon Orantis.
  • Harthur falls through a portal to the White Kingdom and is lost.
  • After defeating a corrupted Gryff in the ruins of Rathna, Nalindra obliterates all undead and foulspawn within the city.
  • The Challengers of the Unspeakable allow themselves to be imprisoned in the Pyramid of Shadows as part of a scheme to free everyone and deliver the pyramid to Vyrellis.
  • Vyrellis and Leardon draw up territory boundaries for her new kingdom of Estorium and his new nation of Palmheart.
  • Chrip defeats the Prince of Frost in the guise of his daughter, taking over the Winter Court and christening himself the Emperor of Winter.
  • Harthur slays Doresain and takes over the White Kingdom, then kills Orcus. Nightbringer reshapes Orcus physical form into a body, becoming the new demon lord of undeath.
  • Tephra is slain by the Challengers of the Unspeakable. Elytra seals away the Far Realm, but traps herself inside.

Year 2960

  • Kask attempts to destroy Leardon's phylactery.
  • Chrip constructs a new capital in the Winter Woods.

Year 2962

Year 2963

  • Prince of Frost loyalists recapture the Fortress of Frozen Tears and take over the Vale of the Long Night. Their leader, a mysterious figure known as the Pale King, christens his faction the Night Court.

Year 2964

Year 2965

Year 2966

  • Several bands of giants join together to attack the surviving towns of Orodeth. Northeron hires a band of heroes to deal with them.

Year 2968

  • Resurrection spells begin to fail across Syra. Leardon determines there is some sort of link with the Tomb of Horrors and sends adventurers to investigate, who return with news that Acererak has returned.

Year 2969