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Tinderstrike is a magical flint dagger. Uncommonly sharp, it is warm to the touch and smolders for several minutes after drawing blood. Sparks cascade off its edge when it strikes something solid, and the blade burns those struck with it in combat. It grants its wielder the ability to speak Ignan and dominate fire elementals. It is believed to contain a spark of the primordial Imix.


It is unknown who forged Tinderstrike, or when, but it ultimately found its way into the hands of Vanifer, prophet of the Cult of the Eternal Flame. When Vanifer was slain by Drake's Company, the elf Lafiel took Tinderstrike from her remains. Upon discovering that the spear Windvane contained a spark of the primordial Yan-C-Bin, they concluded that Tinderstrike likely contained a primordial spark as well and resolved to destroy it.

Tinderstrike was lost in the destruction of Drakkengarde.


Ru Bae Ya performed a divination on Tinderstrike. This divination resulted in the following prophecy:

A spark of flame eternal burns
The inferno for its freedom yearns
A dagger carved, not forged, from flint
Upon a mortal would imprint
The key a link to the father flame
The lock a door without a frame
The portal opened from without
Turned within will keep fire out