Torgar Beornagar

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Race Human
Gender Male
Lifespan ???-2959
Character Class Barbarian
Status Deceased

Torgar is a barbarian whose adventures are many and varied. He's a good friend of Tol Sigurn, and the two have occasionally adventured together. When Tol was captured by the wizard Sionaas, Torgar rallied his friend's adventuring companions to save him. His greataxe, Wintersbite, is enchanted with magical frost.

Eventually, he came to be the chieftain of the Iron Skull Tribe of barbarians in the Iron Crags. The barbarians prospered under his leadership, growing stronger and resisting more and more of the attacks from the Iceblood Clan of frost giants to the north. Eventually, the frost giant jarl, Grugnur, launched a massive assault against the Iron Skulls; though they successfully pushed back the invaders, Torgar was slain in the battle and his axe taken as spoils by the giants.

Torgar was succeeded as chieftain by the dragonborn Alae, who - as she watched Torgar's body burn atop the funeral pyre for their fallen warriors - tasked the Challengers of the Unspeakable with recovering Wintersbite.