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Valithien is a port town on the eastern edge of Lorius. It is one of the few places on the island nation where non-elves are allowed. Most of the elves that are found here are traders and merchants who do business in Valithien but live deeper in the island's forests, but a small number are permanent residents, eschewing their traditional forest dwellings for a more urban lifestyle. These elves tend to be looked down on by their brethren, and are often called by the epithet "Tal-Quessir" ("city elves").

Valithien contains only one temple, dedicated to Corellon Larethian; the clerics are the only permanent residents of Valithien not considered Tal-Quessir. However, many of the elves who choose to live in Valithien have been inspired by teachings of Del'Braeth; such individuals are intrigued by his message of exploring and seeking new things. Introduced to the elves primarily by travelers, no true temples have been erected in his name. However, the Fallen Oak Tavern - particularly popular with more rough-and-tumble visitors - serves as an unofficial gathering place for his followers. Naturally, few of Del'Braeth's clerics stay for long, as the only places to travel are out across the ocean - a long journey from which few elves choose to return - or into the forests of Lorius. Non-elves who venture in the latter direction also rarely return, as the forests' protectors have no tolerance for those who would desecrate their cultural sites in search of treasure.