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Varen is a kingdom northeast of the Free Cities. The kingdom was walled off about eighty years ago when Stormlord Darius Iskarr took the throne. Varen is currently ruled by Stormlord Lanak Iskarr, who claimed the throne following the War of the Five Storms.

Varen is divided into six duchies: Nord, Iskarr, Riversmeet, Farlin, Arnoth, and Leyscar. Each is governed by a duke or duchess. These positions are hereditary, and answer directly to the Stormlord himself. There have been numerous conflicts between duchies throughout Varen's seven hundred-year history, usually to try and earn more power and prestige than their rivals. Many lesser noble houses exist below the dukes. These nobles still wield a considerable amount of power over those below them (including other nobles of lower standing), and there is a notable amount of corruption in the system as nobles will frequently use their money and influence to either avoid punishment for their crimes or to circumvent the proper legal channels for their actions.