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Race Half-elf
Gender Female
Character Class Sorcerer
Status Alive
Alignment Neutral

Vyrellis is a half-elf sorceress and queen of Estorium. She is generally a fair ruler, though swift and unmerciful in dealing with her enemies. She is an exceptionally powerful sorceress, though the exact extent of her abilities is unknown. There are rumors that she has found a way to achieve immortality, and cannot truly be killed.


Vyrellis grew u[ in Estorium long before the Illithid War. Though part of the royal bloodline, she was too far removed from the line of succession to make rulership likely. At some, Vyrellis was imprisoned within the Pyramid of Shadows through unknown means. In 2959, she was freed from her imprisonment by the wizard Theriana. Theriana promised to help Vyrellis restore Estorium to its former glory in exchange for her aid, an offer that Vyrellis gladly accepted.

When the Challengers of the Unspeakable first encountered Vyrellis in the drow city of Phaervorul, she claimed to have been a prisoner from a drow surface raid. She soon showed her true colors, though, grabbing the druid Ro and teleporting away with her. The Challengers soon encountered her again in the Trine Academy, where she was helping the Theriana to try and steal the soul gems of Acererak that were stored in the vaults. Vyrellis fought the Challengers in an attempt to delay them; though she attempted to change sides when it became clear they had the upper hand, offering to aid them against Theriana if they spared her, they rejected her offer and killed her, at which point she mysteriously dissolved into mist.

Vyrellis appeared again nearly a month later, walking into the city of Rathna and surrendering. She explained that she was defecting from Theriana's service, and wished to help them rescue Ro and their other captured comrades. Her only request was that they give her the Pyramid of Shadows in exchange. The Challengers of the Unspeakable were initially hesitant, until she informed them that the wizard they had sent to keep the soul gems safe was in fact a doppelganger, and that Theriana with the gems and the pyramid Theriana would be able to free Lolth from her long imprisonment. Realizing that helping Vyrellis was the only way to stop Theriana, they reluctantly agreed. Vyrellis arranged for Theriana to imprison them within the Pyramid of Shadows, telling them that once inside she could help them to escape with their friends.

Once the Challengers had departed, Vyrellis turned to matters of politics. She struck a bargain with Leardon Sunflare granting him the western reaches of Estorium and formally acknowledging her claim over the rest as the last surviving royal heir. No sooner was the ink on their agreement dry than she dissolved into mist, reappearing within the Pyramid of Shadows. There she assisted the Challengers of the Unspeakable not only in rescuing Ro, Priam, and Gurrard, but in destroying the soul of the tiefling Karavakos who had taken control of the pyramid until it fell into Theriana's hands. Performing a complicated ritual, she teleported the Pyramid of Shadows away from Theriana and released the Challengers of the Unspeakable from it, thanking them for their aid. Before she departed, she gave them a ritual that would close the portal Tephra had opened to the Far Realm.

Vyrellis spent the next several days teleporting across Estorium, freeing hundreds of mages from similar extra-dimensional prisons in which they had been sealed centuries ago. She granted them their freedom and offered them positions within the reborn Estorium in exchange for swearing fealty to her as their queen. She also unsealed the gem dragons from the extra-dimensional space in which they had been bred. With her army assembled, she returned to Rathna to aid the Brightstone Heroes and Challengers of the Unspeakable against Tephra's aberrant hordes. Once the threat of the Far Realm ended, Vyrellis set to work restoring her new empire to its former glory.