Wee Jas

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Wee Jas
Wee Jas.jpg
The Ruby Sorceress, the Dark-Eyed Lady, the Witch Goddess, Stern Lady, the Taker, Death's Guardian
Race Deity
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Alignment Lawful Neutral

Wee Jas is the goddess of Magic, Death, Vanity, and Law. Her symbol is a red skull in front of a fireball.

During the Deity War, she worked with Boccob to create a spell that would destroy Nerull and end the war. Wee Jas allowed Nerull to kill her and take her soul, which Boccob used as a conduit for the spell, creating a catastrophic explosion that destroyed Nerull and seemingly destroyed Boccob himself as well. Though she named no successor, many of her followers and temples are now dedicated to the mysterious Raven Queen.


  • The White book: This tome, over a hundred pages long, is a detailed list of funeral customs. Its rites and prayers, which differ according to a corpse's former status in life, can be used to prevent a spirit from rising as one of the undead.