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Windvane is a magical silver spear with dark sapphires on the filigreed surface of its polished head. When held it feels insubstantial, as if clutching a cool breeze. It is charged with lightning, shocking those it strikes in combat, and grants its wielder the ability to speak Auran and dominate air elementals. It contains a spark of the primordial Yan-C-Bin.


It is unknown who forged Windvane, or when. What is known is that when the eladrin Aerisi Kalinoth received visions that led her to descend into the caverns below the ruins of the dwarven city of Belsimar, she was holding Windvane when she emerged. Aerisi wielded the spear until her death at the hands of Drake's Company, when it was taken up by the halfling bard Qwynn. Qwynn used the spear to assert her dominance over the remnants of Kalinoth's Cult of the Howling Hatred, and even carried it into battle against Vanifer, the prophet of the Cult of the Eternal Flame. As Vanifer died, though, Qwynn was suddenly drawn down into the caverns as if in a trance, until she arrived at a portal to the elemental plane of air. She attempted to use the spear to summon Yan-C-Bin, but her comrades stopped her and forcibly took Windvane from her, breaking the spell. Examining the weapon more closely, they realized its true nature and resolved to destroy it.

The heroes put Windvane in a vault in Drakkengarde, where it was subsequently presumed lost following the city's destruction in the Shattering of Orodeth. It was recovered several years later by King Lanak Iskarr of Varen, who was secretly a devotee of Yan-C-Bin and attempted to use it to summon his master into Syra. When his ritual was interrupted by the arrival of Drake's Company, he instead channeled the power into himself and became an aspect of Yan-C-Bin. After a fierce battle he was slain by Honeysuckle Bree, and the heroes reclaimed Windvane and brought back into the caverns below Belsimar. Sumac Briarden thrust Windvane into the portal, closing it and destroying the spear.


At Ru Bae Ya's behest, the clerics of Ioun performed a divination on Windvane. This divination resulted in the following prophecy:

Born in winds of hatred famed
With avian souls stolen and profaned
The spark of evil air would mold
To take the form which now you hold
A silver thread for a silver key
That the lord of air might yet be free
From queen of wing to queen of word
The key would seek a wielder third
The door, prepared beneath the earth
Where air, again, shall make its berth
But the opener yet can seal air's fate
For a key and lock can close a gate