Yngukulub the Devourer

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Yngukulub the Devourer
Yngukulub the Devourer.jpg
Race Aboleth
Lifespan Died 2965
Status Deceased
Alignment Lawful Evil

Yngukulub the Devourer was an aboleth that made its lair in an underground cavern below Orodeth. It was responsible for the destruction of the Fist of Drakkengarde, and perhaps other vessels as well.

At some point, Yngukulub allied itself with the Cult of the Crushing Wave. When Drake's Company descended into the caverns near its lair, it projected apocalyptic visions into their minds. When they slew Gar Shatterkeel and left, the aboleth mentally dominated the surviving cultists and took over the cult. Its first act was to send one of its new minions to Drakkengarde to obtain the trident Drown that the adventurers had sold, not realizing its true power. When Drake's Company realized what had happened and returned to recover Drown, Yngukulub fought back viciously; they survived only by teleporting away. The heroes resolved to try again, and this time Yngukulub's servants slew Láfièlthién and Yngukulub dominated Drake Roxley, Sumac Briarden, and Ru Bae Ya; only Qwynn Cupsigh managed to escape.

With Drake's Company defeated, Yngukulub used Drown to summon Olhydra into the Material Plane. About a month later the Brightstone Heroes--aided by Kazak Axehaft, Jib, Keiraleina, Honeysuckle Bree, and Qwynn's brother Flynn--entered the caverns in force to stop Olhydra. They freed Drake and Sumac from Yngukulub's control, and it was killed when Gurrard Snevilin fired a crossbow directly into its central eye.