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Race Dwarf
Gender Male
Character Class Fighter
Status Alive

Baraz 'Zigil' Shiral-Dalun was a dwarf who's parents were both socially lower ranking individuals, his father being a herdsman and his mother a worker from the northern farms. But they found each other and a meager way for themselves in the Dwarven capitol in the south. Shortly thereafter they had a little girl, Zigil's soon to be older sister. Zigil followed around 10 years later.

His first years were difficult, only to become more so as he grew. Dwarves, for all of their reclusiveness, will always be of an expansionist nature, and solid rock is nothing to stop them. As they expand, they leave behind what was once bustling business districts and and warm homes and communities. Those who's wealth won't encompass them being able to move when these changes occur are presented with quite a different city than those in the newer districts. Gangs commonly run the older tunnels, never too violent as to call the law, but certainly lawless enough to be more than a nuisance.

However, good can also come out of the abandoned places of cities. Zigil's family was part of small community devoted to the maintenance and upkeep of one of the older areas of the 'Misplaced Districts', as the older areas came to be known. They were paid a small fee monthly by the governing powers to be able to stay in the area and keep everything properly reinforced, for 'Historical' purposes.

Other groups also stay in the Misplaced Districts. Zigil found the Kheledinbar by accident while exploring one of the unattended areas. The Kheledinbar, or 'Glass-Mountain' are a small order of Dwarves who work to better themselves through true joining with the earth, either by becoming fully rock or crystalline in body structure. The order is based out of their leader's house, which was once a cornerstone of it's district. It houses some of the most wondrous crystal and rock formations ever uncovered by the dwarves, and the basis for that district was focused very much around the beauty the 'natural earth'.

Zigil picked up his ranged skill from his parents. They chose the shortbow from their own experiences with it, hunting in the northern highlands. His sister followed another path, having discovered at an early age an innate power for the divine within herself. She moved to the new districts to study under the priests of Moradin, who referred to her as a kind of 'favored soul'.

Though his stay with the Kheledinbar was good, he and they could tell that it was not his calling. One of their members was able to find him a place on a traveling construction and repair team, where he worked as a hunter, scout, and later full member up until the events at Brightstone.