Viktor Mazan

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Viktor Mazan
Viktor Mazan.jpg
Race Human (werewolf)
Alignment Good

Viktor Mazan is a werewolf lord in charge of the town of Shatterstone, at the edge of Brokenstone Vale in the Feywild. He and many other werewolves formerly lived in the eastern part of the Dawning Woods, where they eked out the best existence they could within the forest, away from civilization. When the Feywild became reconnected to Syra and the fey crossing on Silver Lake opened, he saw an opportunity for his people and led them through.

Unfortunately, the local eladrin population wanted nothing to do with them, and tried to kill them. After a few years of intense fighting, the eladrin eventually consented to allow them to live in Brokenstone Vale, but warned that they would be killed if they left. Viktor Mazan agreed, and established Shatterstone as a trading post near the fey crossing.

He was later kidnapped by the Jagged Fangs, another clan of werebeasts, as part of a plot to reignite the war between lycanthropes and eladrin. He was rescued by the Challengers of the Unspeakable, and the Jagged Fangs were eradicated.