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Deities, also known as gods, are powerful, divine beings. Little is known about them for certain, but it is known that every deity has within them a divine spark that is the source of their powers. While the origins of most deities are unknown, there are a very small number of deities who are known to have come by their divine sparks in modern times, through various means: Kiaransalee was a mortal raised to godhood by Lolth by splitting her divine spark, while Boccob granted his divine spark to Ioun at the moment of his apparent death. So far, Vecna is the only known instance of a mortal becoming a deity seemingly under his own power, but as he is the god of secrets it is unlikely the knowledge of how he accomplished this feat will ever be spread.

Though the divine spark makes the bearer functionally immortal, it is possible - though extraordinarily difficult, and perhaps impossible without being a god oneself - to kill a deity. This was never evidenced more clearly than in the Deity War, in which Nerull and those allied with him killed a large number of deities in order that the Reaper of Souls might harvest their divine sparks. It is unknown what happened to the sparks Nerull had collected when he was finally destroyed, but most scholars believe that they likely dissipated back into the universe (the more optimistic ones believe that they will one day be used in the creation of new deities to replace those who fell, often citing the Raven Queen as a theoretical example). Many among the clergy of Del'Braeth, however, believe their god found a stray divine spark during his travels.


An avatar is, essentially, a less-powerful duplicate of a god. An avatar serves as its god’s alter ego, effectively allowing the god to be in several places at once. They are not a separate being so much as an extension of their god, and as such cannot act independently of their creators.


An aspect is a powerful servant of a god, created in that god’s image. As opposed to avatars, aspects are distinct individuals possessed of independent thoughts and actions, though they wield considerably less power than the gods themselves. Aspects can in many respects be thought of as more powerful angels, being created in much the same manner and sharing many of the same traits.

Full list of deities

Name Title Portfolio Domains Alignment Resident Plane
Aegir God of storms Storms, oceans Tempest Chaotic Neutral Ysgard
Bahamut God of justice Good dragons, justice, wisdom Life, War Lawful Good Celestia
Bane God of tyranny Conquest, war Order, War Lawful Evil Acheron
Chronepsis God of fate Fate, death, judgment Grave, Knowledge Neutral
Corellon Larethian God of elves Arts and crafts, elves, magic, music, poetry, war Light, War Chaotic Good Celestia
Del'Braeth God of discovery Discovery, exploration Knowledge, Trickery Neutral Varies
Ehlonna Goddess of the woodlands Fertility, flora and fauna, forests, woodlands Life, Nature Neutral Good Ysgard
Erathis Goddess of civilization Cities, invention, law Forge, Protection Neutral
Evening Glory Goddess of eternal love Love, beauty, undeath Arcana, Death, Twilight Neutral Elysium
Falazure God of undeath Decay, undeath, exhaustion Death Neutral Evil Arborea
Fharlanghn God of horizons and travel Distance, horizons, roads, travel Knowledge, Nature Neutral Good
Garl Glitterold God of gnomes Gnomes, humor, illusion, jewelrymaking, wit Trickery Neutral Good Bytopia
Garyx God of destruction Fire, destruction, renewal War Chaotic Evil
Grolantor God of gluttony Gluttony, hunting, combat War Chaotic Evil
Gruumsh God of orcs Conquest, orcs, storms, strength, survival, territory Tempest, War Chaotic Evil
Ioun Goddess of magic Knowledge, magic, skill, prophecy Arcana, Knowledge Neutral
Kiaransalee Goddess of undead drow Undeath, vengeance Arcana, Death Chaotic Evil Material Plane
Kord God of storms and battle Athletics, battle, courage, sport, storms Tempest, War Chaotic Good Celestia
Kurtulmak God of kobolds Kobolds, mining, trapmaking, war Trickery, War Lawful Evil
Lolth Goddess of drow and spiders Darkness, drow, spiders Trickery Chaotic Evil Material Plane
Melora Goddess of the wilderness and sea Beasts, forests, seas Nature, Tempest Neutral Ysgard
Memnor God of pride Cloud giants, pride, honor, mental prowess, control Death, Knowledge, Trickery Neutral Evil Gehenna
Metria Goddess of music and poetry Music, poetry, performance Arcane, Life, Trickery Neutral Good Solaris
Moradin God of dwarves Creation, dwarves, engineering, smithing Forge, Knowledge, Order Lawful Good Celestia
Nalindra Goddess of the blazing sun Fire, magic, retribution, sun Arcana, Light Neutral
Obad-hai God of nature Beasts, freedom, hunting, nature, woodlands Nature Neutral Ysgard
Pelor God of the sun Healing, light, strength, sun Life, Light Neutral Good Celestia
The Raven Queen Goddess of death Death, fate, winter Death, Grave Neutral
Saint Cuthbert God of zeal Common sense, discipline, honesty, retribution, truth, wisdom, zeal Knowledge, Order Lawful Neutral Arcadia
Sehanine Moonbow Goddess of the fey Autumn, love, moon Knowledge, Twilight Neutral Good Feywild
Skoraeus Stonebones God of stone giants Stone giants, art, crafting Forge, Knowledge, Protection Neutral
Surtr God of fire giants Fire giants, war Forge, Knowledge, War Lawful Evil Ysgard
Thrym God of frost giants Frost giants, war War Chaotic Evil Ysgard
Tiamat Goddess of greed Conquest, evil dragons, greed Trickery, War Lawful Evil Tytherion
Vandria Goddess of freedom Defiance, freedom, restitution Light, War Neutral Good Celestia
Vecna God of secrets Intrigue, magic, secrets, undeath Arcana, Death, Knowledge Neutral Evil
Yondalla Goddess of agriculture and halflings Fertility, halflings, hearth Life, Twilight Lawful Good Celestia
Zilchus God of business Power, prestige, money, business, influence Knowledge, Order, Trickery Lawful Neutral

Deceased deities

Name Title Portfolio Domains Alignment Resident Plane
Afflux God of torture Interrogation, torture, execution Knowledge Neutral Evil
Boccob God of magic Arcane knowledge, balance, foresight, magic Arcana, Knowledge Neutral
Elishar God of light Good, light, prophecy, sun Knowledge, Light Neutral Good Unknown
Erythnul God of slaughter Envy, hate, malice, panic, slaughter, ugliness War Chaotic Evil
Heironeous God of justice Chivalry, daring, honor, justice, valor, war Order, Protection, War Lawful Good Celestia
Hextor God of discord Conflict, discord, fitness, massacres, tyranny, war War Lawful Evil
Hlal Goddess of entertainment Humor, storytelling, inspiration Trickery Chaotic Good
Nerull God of death Darkness, death, murder Death Neutral Evil Carceri
Olidammara God of rogues Music, revels, rogues, tricks Trickery Chaotic Neutral
Stronmaus God of storm giants Sun, sky, weather, joy Protection, Tempest, War Neutral Good Ysgard
Wee Jas Goddess of death and magic Death, law, magic, vanity Arcana, Death, Grave, Knowledge, Order Lawful Neutral